Who am I?

I am the weak link

I am the black sheep

I am the one and only who is worth-while to deceive

I am the warrior who will hold the gun whilst you take your pic

Believe what they say about me

but today

I am cutting the ties

I am running wild

I will take what I have, run run run far and reside

I will go places where my language is the hit

I will lend my voice to the weak

where-ever my voice is at need

And are my hands pre-requisit?

Can I dance to my heartbeat?

With cheerful souls and sand twin feets?

I will choose people who learn my name right

Those whose souls are like-mind

Don’t be mistaken I love you,

Oh I love you like the breeze of the wind

I love you from the miles between

You, you gave me a gift

That gift is called freedom

I wear the freedom crown

Perhaps, I will find the crowd of freedom crowned


We are the weak links

We are the black sheeps

We are the once who it’s been worth-while to deceive

Only, no one deceives

No one runs, no one guns

the run was worth-while

Who am I?

I’m while.


Going Through Phases

Dear Friend,

By now I’m hoplessly in love with you

But it’s not what you think

In fact, you don’t get to think

You don’t get to be weak

FYI, you missed the honeymoon

Pardon me,

not my active imagination bypassing all phases

boycotting the talking phase

just to get to the mature stage,

the secure love, my heart is singing eternal praise

Pardon me,

Not me making all life decisions in your name

It’s just this is a dream come true, such one, that need not come true

I long for you

but still I’m better off on the run from you

For I can barely handle this dream as it is,

what would be

if I had it in real

I’ll tell you what

I’d choke on words,

I’d swallow my thoughts,

I’d slip and fall just to see if I land right in your arms

I’d bruce my skin cause I can’t feel a pin

I can’t feel anything that is not you, its sereal

I’d bring you breakfast in bed

But whats beckon if you can have me instead

I’d kiss and bite, I’d pick a fight, I know its not right

No this is a conundrum

Let’s leave love in the dungeons

I mean I’d marry you in my head

and even there,

there’s not enough room for you my dear

So I’d rather be friends


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Watermelon, Sugar, lows

I’ve been through some sugared lips

Those that only shout “all in” for my hips

turned Watermelon into Water-lemons

My tears froze like frostyflakes, my heart at stake

I thought I found a soul-mate, not an emty crate of translucent grace

I spit fire from time to time because I was born under concrete tiles

but my heart never faked a smile

shock, friction, other sources of ignition never altered my salvation

Never broke those bones, those sticks and stones

It makes me wonder how you justify all that bane?

.. From a rose that grew through concrete and pain – loveeeiriny

The Dirt Under Your Rug

Everyday is a new day to fight

We are gathering to take what is ours

The road to freedom is in unity

And so brothers and sisters let’s not

see colour

Look beyond the rays and shades

It’s all flesh and bones

match forward with integrity

Burning down gates of excellsius egoism

You Scream I want it all
We Scream this is not all
Not enough to undo the dids
The costs are higher than you claim
You take take take and give back none

Every day We wake up to a globalized world

But you swept the bills under the rug

Those third world countries you created
Can they be first again?

The souls of my ancestors

They’ll keep jumping into new flesh

They’ll keep demanding royal crest

We unit through freedom or we unit

after war