Negligance of The Uncertain

We push topics, that don’t necessarily apply to us further into the future, further away from us.

If people aren’t being wounded in front of our doorstep, then it’s not our business. The same way politician do so. In economics terms it can be modeled in the “war of attrition”. By waiting, we know we can push the responsibilty, thus, there is a positive probability that the other coalition member will

war of attrition

J Bulow

I made an observation however that I would like to share with you:

Part of the reason why I choose to be an activist on many of my social media platforms, whether it is about climate change or “Black Lives Matter” is because I have the priviledge to do so. I am in good health and I have food on the table.

I then question if it is fair from me to ask of people to become more conscious of their actions when they might not have the space to do so.

However here’s were I would like to bring in my knowledge about confidence intervals. How much of the population on my social media have the possibility of advocating change? if we bring into perspective, the confidence interval of my audience, most of which are even wealthier than I myself am, I think it is safe to say that they are well capable of creating the same space that I create for such topics. I think it is safe to say that for the most part it is a matter of priority.

What are you prioritizing into your Utility function?

Rather than blaming politicians how about conducting better politics within our own spaces?


Negligance of The Uncertain

Playing chess with my heart

look, I love the earth but I reject the heartbeat

It’s beat me up fair and square leaving me near dead

At least my one has had its fair share

fair share of tears shed

My oh my

if you`re reading this, it is too late

They lied to us

A heart is there to pump blood

These blood sucking villains

Pointing fingers and crowning me victim

I took a metaphor too serious they say

And so I was naive they say

How else can I explain myself

believe myself,

that the heart were some muscle of love

love love love, what does that even mean, love?

I luv you. Its not you upsss

I don’t love you, crushing, only to be crushed

Crushes my spirit time and time, over and under the bus

Its cuffing, but only to pump and dump

no one told me this was just a game?

Why didn’t you tell me this was a fowl play?

just to thunder down every heart-beat within me after lighting my world?

you could have as well ripped the blood pumping muscle and the cords?

Everything is just a game to you judging by your words

Once I learn the keycodes you are dummed

Tell me who made the rules loom?

just to keep us begging for some ambigous amount of affection

They told us till death do us apart, what happened to that?

not till your balls circumvent the blue,

not till the papers divorced the two

I’m confused

You swore you’d save me, we’d make it out of the castle conjoined

Just to defect, diverge, depart, divorce, you scum

a venturesome act of leaving me, is not nearly close to a tradeoff

I can only imaging, how much pleasure you derive from sucking another soul you know?

You are a villain and I the victim but under freewill I’d turn the tables around you know?

I must say your competition is one without remorse

I mean look what you’ve caused?

Heaven on earth for one, whilst I set the table for two

I feel scammed

A whole generation longing for a crumb of human dignity

Even worse, I catch myself becoming a scammer

Guess what? you’re an object to me now

Remember its a mere metaphor now

You win hearts over and reshuffle them like cards

In a system that is only just for a few breeds

the white male, and sometimes the dark mates

you’ve left us all no choice than to become breadwinners

I mean, how did you think this was going to unfold?

Even those “good ones” that engage in this prisoners dilemma for years

I see them, they come out with nothing but venge

look, I love the earth but I reject this heartbeat

At least my one does not seem at ease with the options that are rendered

Perhaps, its not the heart that is faulty and gendered

Perhaps its the people who are close to the heart

What happens if the queen moves away

far from the king

will I finally check mate?

Who am I?

I am the weak link

I am the black sheep

I am the one and only who is worth-while to deceive

I am the warrior who will hold the gun whilst you take your pic

Believe what they say about me

but today

I am cutting the ties

I am running wild

I will take what I have, run run run far and reside

I will go places where my language is the hit

I will lend my voice to the weak

where-ever my voice is at need

And are my hands pre-requisit?

Can I dance to my heartbeat?

With cheerful souls and sand twin feets?

I will choose people who learn my name right

Those whose souls are like-mind

Don’t be mistaken I love you,

Oh I love you like the breeze of the wind

I love you from the miles between

You, you gave me a gift

That gift is called freedom

I wear the freedom crown

Perhaps, I will find the crowd of freedom crowned


We are the weak links

We are the black sheeps

We are the once who it’s been worth-while to deceive

Only, no one deceives

No one runs, no one guns

the run was worth-while

Who am I?

I’m while.


Paradoxical love

Paradoxical love

if radioactive was human, I’d be the blueprint

feverishly longing for you 

Due diligently praying for you 

Maybe my parade is all in your name

Maybe you can stop for me, just to say hey?

Our ancestors are plotting something that I am incapable of lurking 

But I don’t see the win on my side of the roof

I’m a fool for love, and time has proof

Yesterday morning I woke up, had you up in my brain

The facilities in my body guiding my heart where are they, like the membranes?

It’s been a while I’ve been wondering how your lips .. how both my lips on yours fit

How my hips fit, is there a spot for these chicks? right between your palms or in your face.

it’s been a while I’ve been wondering if we will ever meet again.

I wished upon the stars to find a soul like you, to find someone like me.

And now there may be a  “we”

Now I wish upon the stars to hold you in my arms

But even when love is 

I need to make sure there is no toxic in paradoxic. 

Although love feels like the latter, and more so than the former

They say once bitten twice shy, it’s made me greater 

I search my character for the poop every once in a while cause it’s true

paradoxical love, I spy you with my little eye 

If I hold you too tight I fear I’ll break you, 

if I give it away, you needn’t  grasp it, no force ought to cap it

If I keep you in me I’ll explode, if I put it out there I’ll lose hope 

All sensuality would be gone, hence all of you in my thoughts

If there’s an in-between remedy I seek to hear it from you 

Any prescription, potion I’ll drink  from you 

Cause the way I’m feeling. 

I lost Corin I can’t lose you too

Watermelon, Sugar, lows

I’ve been through some sugared lips

Those that only shout “all in” for my hips

turned Watermelon into Water-lemons

My tears froze like frostyflakes, my heart at stake

I thought I found a soul-mate, not an emty crate of translucent grace

I spit fire from time to time because I was born under concrete tiles

but my heart never faked a smile

shock, friction, other sources of ignition never altered my salvation

Never broke those bones, those sticks and stones

It makes me wonder how you justify all that bane?

.. From a rose that grew through concrete and pain – loveeeiriny

4am at memory lane

This oozing breeze that I bred, I can’t quite lay myself to rest

heated, is the name of the convo between me myself and I

making me walk this lane, so late at night

I`m growning how inconsiderate?

cause my bed is made and I’m ready to lay in it

And my oh my, I could tell my mind was ready to move to the next mistake

yet here I am, oh hi Ted

you knew too well, nothing good ever happens after 2am

I wish memory lane was merely a pathway, the street to a shed or the highway

lane is a dungeon at the back of my head and ain’t no chance to hide away

Although I wonder

Be it my fondness for penpals or to what do I owe this itch to write you my heart ponder?

With no further delay, forgive my inner melee

I feel it is to you I seek to turn to today

And as though the imaginary pen tween my fist has put a spell on replay

“wingardium leviosa” classic potterian token .. *cough*

I would for once like to be brutaly plain-spoken

unaware of my powers I dived into a pool of naivity

It slowly revealed to me with a wink of an eye that I might need to pay in perpetuity

For if that’s settling, that was by no means close to my intentionality

Maybe Lover, all I disclaim is that you’ve enriched a great portion of my innermost integrity

Beyond knowance You’ve reinforced the self that I once lost in all haste to catapult a romance

you’ve opened my inner chakra, so on behalf of me myself and my inner trauma’s

These rambles are your’s to scramble through …

4am me loves you psssch!


If i hinder the light that deams through me I will explode
shattering into thousand pieces before your eyes
A market scene, a tragedy
And whilst you scrape me off your porch
You’d find writings,
The untold secrets never revealed
Like how I breath under water
Like how I swallowed my thoughts over years
Like why my soul never matched another
a puzzle I’d leave behind
But the light that shone through painful darkness
The one that fought the tears rolling down my cheekbones
It will stay within me for eternity
I finally found a force that keeps it fostered
Until Holly matrimony
That force is SELF LOVE

Turning Tables

Dear Love,

I See you are generous to many

Just not to one

Its trending notoriously, how you hit the weak harder and the strong lesser.

I accept you are some type of common good I struggle to obtain

The price is high after tasting freedom

Female empowerment comes with an opportunity cost, the world is yet to encounter

And so the blame is not on you Love

The more I feel empowered

the longer is my list

I won’t bother chasing you

Instead I’ll sit right here

I’ll wait for you to choose me

I’ll watch how you stumble and fall

I’ll turn the tables around

You’d think I’m bitter by now

But I’m soft and sweet and unique

Catch me if you can..