My Poetry

The law of the wheelbarrow being

If the wheelbarrow being isn’t being wounded in front of his doorstep, then it remains of no interest as to what goes on in front of another’s doorstep.

The same way politicians do, we follow

In, economic terms it can be modeled in the “war of attrition”.

What many don’t see is that the war is a waiting game

Take the analogy of the human pushing forth a wheelbarrow of responsibilities,

Thus, there is a positive probability that the other coalition member will concede

The irony; the coalition member also takes into account the same Jargon

Time and time again we learn that God is not our Family Member..

“war of attrition”

J Bulow
The unknown is more certain – a critic to the wheelbarrow being
Some will settle
others will get cosy in the storm
Different forms of love
Find your power in spite of uncertainty



Pushing pressing topics into the future has become the new rule of thumb

attain to the neighbours tears & doubts? What for, if it does not apply to me?

Seemingly, It’s the urgency that prompts many to do things

Until then, anything goes and nothing is to-do

This seems to work great except, our inaction is tomorrows debt.

News flash: the neighbours tears are contagious

I gather now, a human is a being pushing a wheelbarrow of debt further into the future

further and further, away from us they go.

I hate to disappoint the wheelbarrow human but

“What goes up must come down”

It is, Simple Maths, Common Sense, Physics without the Quantum