Going Through Phases

Dear Friend,

By now I’m hoplessly in love with you

But it’s not what you think

In fact, you don’t get to think

You don’t get to be weak

FYI, you missed the honeymoon

Pardon me,

not my active imagination bypassing all phases

boycotting the talking phase

just to get to the mature stage,

the secure love, my heart is singing eternal praise

Pardon me,

Not me making all life decisions in your name

It’s just this is a dream come true, such one, that need not come true

I long for you

but still I’m better off on the run from you

For I can barely handle this dream as it is,

what would be

if I had it in real

I’ll tell you what

I’d choke on words,

I’d swallow my thoughts,

I’d slip and fall just to see if I land right in your arms

I’d bruce my skin cause I can’t feel a pin

I can’t feel anything that is not you, its sereal

I’d bring you breakfast in bed

But whats beckon if you can have me instead

I’d kiss and bite, I’d pick a fight, I know its not right

No this is a conundrum

Let’s leave love in the dungeons

I mean I’d marry you in my head

and even there,

there’s not enough room for you my dear

So I’d rather be friends


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Paradoxical love

Paradoxical love

if radioactive was human, I’d be the blueprint

feverishly longing for you 

Due diligently praying for you 

Maybe my parade is all in your name

Maybe you can stop for me, just to say hey?

Our ancestors are plotting something that I am incapable of lurking 

But I don’t see the win on my side of the roof

I’m a fool for love, and time has proof

Yesterday morning I woke up, had you up in my brain

The facilities in my body guiding my heart where are they, like the membranes?

It’s been a while I’ve been wondering how your lips .. how both my lips on yours fit

How my hips fit, is there a spot for these chicks? right between your palms or in your face.

it’s been a while I’ve been wondering if we will ever meet again.

I wished upon the stars to find a soul like you, to find someone like me.

And now there may be a  “we”

Now I wish upon the stars to hold you in my arms

But even when love is 

I need to make sure there is no toxic in paradoxic. 

Although love feels like the latter, and more so than the former

They say once bitten twice shy, it’s made me greater 

I search my character for the poop every once in a while cause it’s true

paradoxical love, I spy you with my little eye 

If I hold you too tight I fear I’ll break you, 

if I give it away, you needn’t  grasp it, no force ought to cap it

If I keep you in me I’ll explode, if I put it out there I’ll lose hope 

All sensuality would be gone, hence all of you in my thoughts

If there’s an in-between remedy I seek to hear it from you 

Any prescription, potion I’ll drink  from you 

Cause the way I’m feeling. 

I lost Corin I can’t lose you too

Watermelon, Sugar, lows

I’ve been through some sugared lips

Those that only shout “all in” for my hips

turned Watermelon into Water-lemons

My tears froze like frostyflakes, my heart at stake

I thought I found a soul-mate, not an emty crate of translucent grace

I spit fire from time to time because I was born under concrete tiles

but my heart never faked a smile

shock, friction, other sources of ignition never altered my salvation

Never broke those bones, those sticks and stones

It makes me wonder how you justify all that bane?

.. From a rose that grew through concrete and pain – loveeeiriny

4am at memory lane

This oozing breeze that I bred, I can’t quite lay myself to rest

heated, is the name of the convo between me myself and I

making me walk this lane, so late at night

I`m growning how inconsiderate?

cause my bed is made and I’m ready to lay in it

And my oh my, I could tell my mind was ready to move to the next mistake

yet here I am, oh hi Ted

you knew too well, nothing good ever happens after 2am

I wish memory lane was merely a pathway, the street to a shed or the highway

lane is a dungeon at the back of my head and ain’t no chance to hide away

Although I wonder

Be it my fondness for penpals or to what do I owe this itch to write you my heart ponder?

With no further delay, forgive my inner melee

I feel it is to you I seek to turn to today

And as though the imaginary pen tween my fist has put a spell on replay

“wingardium leviosa” classic potterian token .. *cough*

I would for once like to be brutaly plain-spoken

unaware of my powers I dived into a pool of naivity

It slowly revealed to me with a wink of an eye that I might need to pay in perpetuity

For if that’s settling, that was by no means close to my intentionality

Maybe Lover, all I disclaim is that you’ve enriched a great portion of my innermost integrity

Beyond knowance You’ve reinforced the self that I once lost in all haste to catapult a romance

you’ve opened my inner chakra, so on behalf of me myself and my inner trauma’s

These rambles are your’s to scramble through …

4am me loves you psssch!


If i hinder the light that deams through me I will explode
shattering into thousand pieces before your eyes
A market scene, a tragedy
And whilst you scrape me off your porch
You’d find writings,
The untold secrets never revealed
Like how I breath under water
Like how I swallowed my thoughts over years
Like why my soul never matched another
a puzzle I’d leave behind
But the light that shone through painful darkness
The one that fought the tears rolling down my cheekbones
It will stay within me for eternity
I finally found a force that keeps it fostered
Until Holly matrimony
That force is SELF LOVE

Rolling, trembling, Rising Stone

What’s beneath the icing that melts?
What’s beneath the house that crumbles?

Like fuel to the car,
Like wings on an angel

Indeed, it’s the bewitching configures of a female being,

blessed is her anchorage

Who’s hidden thoughts do you seek to descry?

There’s a genie in the bottle
There’s a woman ‘tween the shadows of her peers

forced into being of something she isn’t,

To dine with the devil

Devine wine please speak up
Revive or perish,

Lambaste in thorns

She’s loosing herself in his horns

Urges to be free but never makes it to an open gate

She tries to be like the rest but dogfights alienation vis a vis mates

She grasps that the world is flat and she a rolling stone.

The Dirt Under Your Rug

Everyday is a new day to fight

We are gathering to take what is ours

The road to freedom is in unity

And so brothers and sisters let’s not

see colour

Look beyond the rays and shades

It’s all flesh and bones

match forward with integrity

Burning down gates of excellsius egoism

You Scream I want it all
We Scream this is not all
Not enough to undo the dids
The costs are higher than you claim
You take take take and give back none

Every day We wake up to a globalized world

But you swept the bills under the rug

Those third world countries you created
Can they be first again?

The souls of my ancestors

They’ll keep jumping into new flesh

They’ll keep demanding royal crest

We unit through freedom or we unit

after war


You Better Run


Standing eye to eye but you refuse to see me

Is there no room for us both, Tell me?

Cause each time I get louder

you go silent.

Sworn to you countless times, my success could never deminish yours

I tried bringing back the spark, you know?

Thrill, Notion, Seductivity .. Innumerable efforts all futile

What a shame my physique comes with my mind

What a shame integrity is here to stay

Cause when I finally found my voice

you disappear