4am at memory lane

This oozing breeze that I bred, I can’t quite lay myself to rest

heated, is the name of the convo between me myself and I

making me walk this lane, so late at night

I`m growning how inconsiderate?

cause my bed is made and I’m ready to lay in it

And my oh my, I could tell my mind was ready to move to the next mistake

yet here I am, oh hi Ted

you knew too well, nothing good ever happens after 2am

I wish memory lane was merely a pathway, the street to a shed or the highway

lane is a dungeon at the back of my head and ain’t no chance to hide away

Although I wonder

Be it my fondness for penpals or to what do I owe this itch to write you my heart ponder?

With no further delay, forgive my inner melee

I feel it is to you I seek to turn to today

And as though the imaginary pen tween my fist has put a spell on replay

“wingardium leviosa” classic potterian token .. *cough*

I would for once like to be brutaly plain-spoken

unaware of my powers I dived into a pool of naivity

It slowly revealed to me with a wink of an eye that I might need to pay in perpetuity

For if that’s settling, that was by no means close to my intentionality

Maybe Lover, all I disclaim is that you’ve enriched a great portion of my innermost integrity

Beyond knowance You’ve reinforced the self that I once lost in all haste to catapult a romance

you’ve opened my inner chakra, so on behalf of me myself and my inner trauma’s

These rambles are your’s to scramble through …

4am me loves you psssch!

Wild Child

Wild child step forward

You and your majestic vibration, I hail you

It stuns me how you grace this world with your ferocious smile,

How you raise the worlds percuit to run this mile

the spinning globe would revolve in slow mo if it weren’t for you love

Therefore the world revolves around you love

For who brings the fairytales to life, if not for your magestic flow?

They can’t embrace your rapacious appetite for unapologetic courageousness

Wild child realise that it’s your fortitude we appreciate,

Their miles wide gazing shoud not stop the chase

For how the world will dance a mediocre dance if it weren’t for your symphony

How worthy you are to a rip the fruits your rythimic heart has sown

Go get a taste of your wildest dreams,

Are you in wary of the backlash? So don’t be in a haste to agree with the unenlightened

Trust your dignitory award awaits you

It lays not in the hands of the temporal housekeepers

It lays not in the hands of the grazing sheeps

But in the hands of the Gods that applaud your deep-rooted complexion

You Better Run


Standing eye to eye but you refuse to see me

Is there no room for us both, Tell me?

Cause each time I get louder

you go silent.

Sworn to you countless times, my success could never deminish yours

I tried bringing back the spark, you know?

Thrill, Notion, Seductivity .. Innumerable efforts all futile

What a shame my physique comes with my mind

What a shame integrity is here to stay

Cause when I finally found my voice

you disappear