Negligance of The Uncertain

We push topics, that don’t necessarily apply to us further into the future, further away from us.

If people aren’t being wounded in front of our doorstep, then it’s not our business. The same way politician do so. In economics terms it can be modeled in the “war of attrition”. By waiting, we know we can push the responsibilty, thus, there is a positive probability that the other coalition member will

war of attrition

J Bulow

I made an observation however that I would like to share with you:

Part of the reason why I choose to be an activist on many of my social media platforms, whether it is about climate change or “Black Lives Matter” is because I have the priviledge to do so. I am in good health and I have food on the table.

I then question if it is fair from me to ask of people to become more conscious of their actions when they might not have the space to do so.

However here’s were I would like to bring in my knowledge about confidence intervals. How much of the population on my social media have the possibility of advocating change? if we bring into perspective, the confidence interval of my audience, most of which are even wealthier than I myself am, I think it is safe to say that they are well capable of creating the same space that I create for such topics. I think it is safe to say that for the most part it is a matter of priority.

What are you prioritizing into your Utility function?

Rather than blaming politicians how about conducting better politics within our own spaces?


Negligance of The Uncertain

Going Through Phases

Dear Friend,

By now I’m hoplessly in love with you

But it’s not what you think

In fact, you don’t get to think

You don’t get to be weak

FYI, you missed the honeymoon

Pardon me,

not my active imagination bypassing all phases

boycotting the talking phase

just to get to the mature stage,

the secure love, my heart is singing eternal praise

Pardon me,

Not me making all life decisions in your name

It’s just this is a dream come true, such one, that need not come true

I long for you

but still I’m better off on the run from you

For I can barely handle this dream as it is,

what would be

if I had it in real

I’ll tell you what

I’d choke on words,

I’d swallow my thoughts,

I’d slip and fall just to see if I land right in your arms

I’d bruce my skin cause I can’t feel a pin

I can’t feel anything that is not you, its sereal

I’d bring you breakfast in bed

But whats beckon if you can have me instead

I’d kiss and bite, I’d pick a fight, I know its not right

No this is a conundrum

Let’s leave love in the dungeons

I mean I’d marry you in my head

and even there,

there’s not enough room for you my dear

So I’d rather be friends


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400$ Slavery

We need to heal

Call it Yeezn, but we need more steam

Relinquish old proclivity, replace with virtousity

This money chasing is an evasive cure,  there’ ll drain us to the core

Working 9 to 5 and forgetting why,

I mean do you still know why?

When the individualist runs out of luck he runs back to its roots.

Break the cycle of luck and unleash the chains.

Unslave your mind and return to the kingdom of clear-cut justice

Only there will be no roots for the ruthless

Rolling, trembling, Rising Stone

What’s beneath the icing that melts?
What’s beneath the house that crumbles?

Like fuel to the car,
Like wings on an angel

Indeed, it’s the bewitching configures of a female being,

blessed is her anchorage

Who’s hidden thoughts do you seek to descry?

There’s a genie in the bottle
There’s a woman ‘tween the shadows of her peers

forced into being of something she isn’t,

To dine with the devil

Devine wine please speak up
Revive or perish,

Lambaste in thorns

She’s loosing herself in his horns

Urges to be free but never makes it to an open gate

She tries to be like the rest but dogfights alienation vis a vis mates

She grasps that the world is flat and she a rolling stone.