Wild Child

Wild child step forward

You and your majestic vibration, I hail you

It stuns me how you grace this world with your ferocious smile,

How you raise the worlds percuit to run this mile

the spinning globe would revolve in slow mo if it weren’t for you love

Therefore the world revolves around you love

For who brings the fairytales to life, if not for your magestic flow?

They can’t embrace your rapacious appetite for unapologetic courageousness

Wild child realise that it’s your fortitude we appreciate,

Their miles wide gazing shoud not stop the chase

For how the world will dance a mediocre dance if it weren’t for your symphony

How worthy you are to a rip the fruits your rythimic heart has sown

Go get a taste of your wildest dreams,

Are you in wary of the backlash? So don’t be in a haste to agree with the unenlightened

Trust your dignitory award awaits you

It lays not in the hands of the temporal housekeepers

It lays not in the hands of the grazing sheeps

But in the hands of the Gods that applaud your deep-rooted complexion