I’ll Thank My Lucky Stars At Night

And there was a time I was bitter
A time where all this could have been yours
But you were busy trying to play me. My lord saved me from all your bullets. I’d have dreams warning me about the reality

Today is the day I count all my blessings
Running round town trying to make me feel sour
Stop running save yourself the hours
You most definitely played yourself


Turning Tables

Dear Love,

I See you are generous to many

Just not to one

Its trending notoriously, how you hit the weak harder and the strong lesser.

I accept you are some type of common good I struggle to obtain

The price is high after tasting freedom

Female empowerment comes with an opportunity cost, the world is yet to encounter

And so the blame is not on you Love

The more I feel empowered

the longer is my list

I won’t bother chasing you

Instead I’ll sit right here

I’ll wait for you to choose me

I’ll watch how you stumble and fall

I’ll turn the tables around

You’d think I’m bitter by now

But I’m soft and sweet and unique

Catch me if you can..